Jeff was the best match for the style of realtor I was looking for. He was excellent at handling the multiple communication needs of our family and being patient as we went through the process of finding the right spot for us within our price range. Jeff was consistent in his availability and acted as a partner in trying to find the types of properties that suited a specific list of needs. I recommend Jeff to everyone I know looking into purchasing or selling real estate in Seattle. His knowledge of the neighborhoods is deep, and his understanding of the properties and builders was essential in helping us confidently find our home. We will reach out to him again if we ever need to move.


If you are looking for a real estate agent that will take you from beginning to end and support you through the million things that come up when selling a property then Jeff is your guy. He helped us sell our condo in Seattle, connected us with the right people for minor touch-ups, staging and closing. He also helped us navigate some offers that had some hard to understand conditions and ultimately helped us make the best decision and get across the finish line.


Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and well connected. Making buying a home with his guidance a huge advantage. I highly recommend him if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Seattle.


Jeff is easy going, listens well, making it easy to communicate and ask a myriad questions and concerns. He is quite knowledgeable, not only in real estate, but he is highly experienced regarding building structure and interior design. I would have easily forgone the pre-listing improvements he suggested....I'm so glad I listened to him. The selling price exceeded my expectations, as did his service from beginning to end. Thank you Jeff.


I chose Jeff to help me find my new home, because I knew and trusted him. We had served together on a non-profit board of directors (early childhood care and education non-profit). I knew him as thoughtful, caring, and committed—important qualities for board members, and for a real estate agent. My home had sold and the new owners were anxious to move in. I had 60 day to find a new place to live. I really didn’t want to move twice, but it was a very tight timeline. When I ask Jeff to help me, he set out to see what he could do..I had seen a lot of properties in the previous 6 months with another agent. All had been in my desired geographic area, price range, and basic requirements, but none had excited me. Jeff asked all the usual questions as we got started, but after visiting the first property, he did something unique: he listened for not only what I was saying, but also what I was feeling about the property. A number of days later, he took me to a second property. When we walked into the building lobby I got excited. It felt good—it had a turn of the twentieth century photo collection of Volunteer Park on the walls lit like a gallery exhibit. When we got up to the unit I got more excited; Jeff had nailed it. It was just what I had been looking for. But there was one big glitch: the asking price was well over my price. Jeff knew this, but wanted to talk to the sellers and see where they were at before we wrote it off. A few hours later Jeff called to tell me the sellers had accepted an offer at my original budget. Nearly 12 years later I’m just as excited to be living in my home as I was when I first saw it.