Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill

Just South of Downtown, Beacon Hill is a vibrant neighborhood known for it's great diversity and rich cultural history. The oldest homes in the neighborhood were built around the turn of the century, but the majority of the home building happened just prior and after WWII. These 1940's and 1950's homes are well built and have withstood the test of time, enjoying a bit of special attention as the Mid-Century Modern movement gained steam in the last couple of decades.Today many of the home sales are new construction infill projects. These homes are developed by raizing existing structures and building town-homes or several stand alone structures on one residential lot.Beacon Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore and enjoy. I love the vibe ~ here are a few of my favorite spots.

Cafetal Quilombo

This is my new favorite taco spot on the hill.


Fable All Day

I love to meet up with people here for coffee or a glass of natural wine.


Bar del Corso

Classic Seattle spot for some pizza or small plates.


The Coupe and Flute

Very special selections of Champagne and small bites. "A Champagne Tavern"


Homer & Milk Drunk

Fun family style dining & ICE CREAM~ always a fresh menu.

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