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Exploring NYC

06/17/23  |  Jeffrey Stegelman

What I see about Seattle by getting to know NYC

The seeds of my springtime visit to NYC were planted during my first trip last fall. During that first meeting, I had semi-seriously contemplated a cross-country move. Why not live in this place that seduces so many from around the globe with its aliveness? This desire overwintered and sprouted in a second visit, just in time to witness what warmer temperatures and graduation look like in the city.



Doors of West Village I enjoy taking photos of things that catch my eye. The Brownstone walk-ups did not disappoint but the homes I saw in West Village were some of my favorite of the city.

Where to Cafe: One of my favorite places to have a cup of coffee and an omelet or to have a glass of wine is St. Jardim located in West Village. This is the cutest little wine bar. I felt relaxed and welcomed on all of my visits. 

Where to Stay: I was immediately and intuitively drawn to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. I wandered in every direction and found all kinds of amazing art galleries and restaurants that kept me intellectually engaged and well nourished. From my hotel, I was just blocks from The High Line where the elevated walkway gave its own intimate tour of the neighborhood and public art installations that concluded on the Southend with a gorgeous view of the Whitney Museum and the Statue of Liberty in the distance. My friend Kathy recommended the Maritime, and I'm glad she did. I've stayed there over two visits and was welcomed with a nice bottle of wine in my room, thanking me for the return visit. 

Retail Spots:  Front General Store was one of the most amazing random finds of my trip. During a particularly heavy rain, I ducked into this store for cover and quickly realized what a cool and serendipitous find I had found. I gravitated toward the Japanese HomeGoods before noticing the impressive selection of vintage clothing and a curated textiles.

Public Art @ Brooklyn Bridge Park: Nicholas Galanin's work on the Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn spells out the word "LAND" using the same steel material used to form the U.S. border wall with Mexico. I found this work to be moving and well worth the afternoon I spent in the pouring rain 

What I appreciate more about Seattle: Our international airport (SeaTac) is fantastic. It's clean, spacious, and we have wonderful options for food and retail that seem to represent and support local businesses. Coming home to Seattle makes me appreciate our green space and access to mountains and the ocean. Our city also seems small and sleepy in comparison, in the best and worst ways. 

What I want more of in Seattle: Affordable and unique restaurants, public transportation, and the feeling that strangers are more often than not willing to lend some directions to someone looking a little lost. 

I was continually delighted to be greeted with a smile from strangers on the street. I returned to Seattle with a renewed understanding of why I love the PNW and my family here. I'm also enlivened and prepared to share a smile with passersby as I move about my day.

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